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Top 10 Francis Ford Coppola’s Favorite Movies

Recommendations from Coppola.



ashes and diamonds

Ashes And Diamonds (1958, Andrzej Wajda)

On 8 May 1945, the year of Nazi Germany’s formal surrender, a post-war Poland finds itself struggling to rise from the ashes, as ambitious cliques of patrician patriots, determined Communists, Soviet soldiers, and brave anti-Nazi resistance fighters all jockey for position.

Against the backdrop of this explosive melting pot somewhere in a small Polish town, Maciek Chelmicki, a former Home Army member and now an efficient assassin, fails in his mission to execute the newly-appointed district secretary, Commissar Szczuka, only to have a fateful encounter with the charming barmaid, Krystyna.

But, how can Maciek start afresh and rebuild his life with Krystyna away from a cause he served his entire life, especially now that the dilemma between patriotism and skepticism is more agonizing than ever?


The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946, William Wyler)

Three World War II veterans return home to small-town America to discover that they and their families have been irreparably changed.


I Vitelloni (1953, Federico Fellini)

Alberto, Fausto, Leopoldo, Moraldo and Riccardo are young adult friends, living in a provincial coastal Italian town. Most are still living at home, unemployed, spending their time together amusing themselves in whatever means, which they find difficult in what they consider their boring town, needing to sponge money off their loved ones.

They are mostly aimless, although Leopoldo, the intellectual, writes, mostly plays, and Riccardo sings whenever given the opportunity. The first one forced at least to start to grow up is Fausto, the cad, who gets Sandra, Moraldo’s naive sister, pregnant.

Although he was going to run off to Milan and abandon her, Fausto instead marries her after his father finds out about the pregnancy.

Fausto and Sandra will find if the sheer act of being married and parents will make Fausto truly grow up, or if their example of being married will get any of the five friends out of their inertia, most specifically by leaving town to strike out on their own


Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru

The Bad Sleep Well (1960, Akira Kurosawa)

A vengeful young man marries the daughter of a corrupt industrialist in order to seek justice for his father’s suicide.



Yojimbo (1961, Akira Kurosawa)

Sanjuro, a wandering samurai enters a rural town in nineteenth-century Japan. After learning from the innkeeper that the town is divided between two gangsters, he plays one side off against the other.

His efforts are complicated by the arrival of the wily Unosuke, the son of one of the gangsters, who owns a revolver. Unosuke has Sanjuro beaten after he reunites an abducted woman with her husband and son, then massacres his father’s opponents. During the slaughter, the samurai escapes with the help of the innkeeper; but while recuperating at a nearby temple, he learns of the innkeeper’s abduction by Unosuke, and returns to the town to confront him.


Singin’ in The Rain (1952, Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly)

1927 Hollywood. Monumental Pictures’ biggest stars, glamorous on-screen couple Lina Lamont and Don Lockwood are also an off-screen couple if the trade papers and gossip columns are to be believed. Both perpetuate the public perception if only to please their adoring fans and bring people into the movie theaters. In reality, Don barely tolerates her, while Lina, despite thinking Don beneath her, simplemindedly believes what she sees on screen in order to bolster her own stardom and sense of self-importance. R.F. Simpson, Monumental’s head, dismisses what he thinks is a flash in the pan: talking pictures. It isn’t until The Jazz Singer (1927) becomes a bona fide hit which results in all the movie theaters installing sound equipment that R.F. knows Monumental, most specifically in the form of Don and Lina, have to jump on the talking picture bandwagon, despite no one at the studio knowing anything about the technology. Musician Cosmo Brown, Don’s best friend, gets hired as Monumental’s ideas man and musical director. And by this time, Don has secretly started dating Kathy Selden, a chorus girl who is trying to make it big in pictures herself. Don and Kathy’s relationship is despite their less than friendly initial meeting. Cosmo and Kathy help Don, who had worked his way up through the movie ranks to stardom, try to make the leap to talking picture stardom, with Kathy following along the way. However, they have to overcome technological issues. But the bigger problem is Lina, who will do anything to ensure she also makes the successful leap into talking pictures, despite her own inabilities and at anyone and everyone else’s expense if they get in her way, especially Kathy as Don’s off-screen girlfriend and possibly his new talking picture leading lady.


The King Of Comedy (1983, Martin Scorsese)

Rupert Pupkin and a young woman named Masha are arguably national late-night talk show host Jerry Langford’s most rabid fans, the two who know each other from hanging outside the show’s New York studio waiting for Jerry to emerge following tapings.

While Masha just wants to be with Jerry, thirty-four-year-old Rupert is an aspiring comic who not only wants to *be* Jerry but also wants to appear on his show to launch his stand-up career, despite he never having even performed stand-up for a real audience of any sort.

Rupert’s fandom includes having a mock set in the basement of his mother’s house where he lives, that set complete with cardboard cutouts of Jerry and his celebrity “guests” such as Liza Minnelli. Rupert manages to get a few minutes alone with Jerry, during which time Jerry gives him some standard platitudes in trying to get rid of him, which delusional Rupert construes to mean that they have now become best friends and that Jerry will indeed have him on the show. Rupert uses this meeting with Jerry as a launching pad to impress Rita, a bartender who he has known and loved since they were in high school together. Rupert goes about trying to meet with Jerry again to arrange that appears on the show. He will have to decide how far he should go, as the standard telephone calls to the studio and waiting in the reception area don’t get him in to see Jerry.


Raging Bull (1980, Martin Scorsese)

When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he’s a prizefighter. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he’s a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment.
Though LaMotta wants his family’s love, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it’s his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life, he winds up in the ring alone.


The Apartment (1960s, Billy Wilder)

As of November 1, 1959, mild-mannered C.C. Baxter has been working at Consolidated Life, an insurance company, for close to four years, and is one of close to thirty-two thousand employees located in their Manhattan head office. To distinguish himself from all the other lowly cogs in the company in the hopes of moving up the corporate ladder, he often works late, but only because he can’t get into his apartment, located off of Central Park West, since he has provided it to a handful of company executives – Mssrs. Dobisch, Kirkeby, Vanderhoff and Eichelberger – on a rotating basis for their extramarital liaisons in return for a good word to the personnel director, Jeff D. Sheldrake. When Baxter is called into Sheldrake’s office for the first time, he learns that it isn’t just to be promoted as he expects, but also to add married Sheldrake to the list to who he will lend his apartment. Dobisch, Kirkeby, Vanderhoff and Eichelberger are now feeling neglected as Baxter no longer needs their assistance in moving up.


Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927, F.W. Murnau)

A farmer with a pretty wife and a young child begins a downward spiral after starting an affair with a vacationing woman from the city. She wants him to return to the city with her but when he mentions his wife, she suggests drowning her. The farmer is reluctant but agrees and he and his wife set off that evening for the city in his boat. When the time comes however he can’t go through with it but his wife is scared silly. When they reach the city they see a young couple getting married and he begs his wife to forgive him. She does and they have a wonderful day together – they have their photo taken, go to a funfair and then dancing. When returning to their boat in the late evening they encounter a huge storm putting both of their lives in danger.


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10 Films for Fools’ Day

Just like a joke.



Yes Man (2008) IMDb 6,8

Carl Allen is at a standstill. No future – until the day he enrolls into a personal development program based on a very simple idea: say yes to everything. Carl discovers with amazement the magical power of “Yes”, and sees his professional and romantic life turned upside down overnight: an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend. But he’ll soon discover that better can be good’s enemy and that not all opportunities should be taken.

Ölümlü Dünya (2018) IMDb 7,7

Mermer Family lives a double life working at their family-owned restaurant while being undercover assassins for an international organization. After their secret is revealed, this dysfunctional family needs to work together to survive.

Meet the Parents (2000) IMDb 7,0

A Jewish male nurse plans to ask his live-in girlfriend to marry him. However, he learns that her strict father expects to be asked for his daughter’s hand before she can accept. Thus begins the visit from Hell as the two travel to meet Mom and Dad, who turns out to be former CIA with a lie detector in the basement. Coincidentally, a sister also has announced her wedding to a young doctor. Of course, everything that can go wrong, does, including the disappearance of Dad’s beloved Himalayan cat, Jinxie.

The Hangover (2009) IMDb 7,7

Three friends – Doug Billings, Stu Price, and Phil Wenneck head to Las Vegas for a promising epic bachelor party. They take along Alan Garner, Doug’s fiancée’s unhinged brother – along for the ride. What happens in the next 24 hours they will never forget – or remember. Alan, Stu, and Phil all wake up in a luxury villa at Caesar’s Palace – to find Doug, the guest of honor – missing. They also find a chicken, a tiger, a random baby, a missing tooth, and a parking stub. As they put together the pieces of the night before they soon realize that there is more to this story than once thought. And did Stu get married to a stripper? And where is Doug?

The Truman Show (1998) IMDb 8,1

Since birth, a big fat lie defines the well-organized but humdrum life of the kind-hearted insurance salesman and ambitious explorer, Truman Burbank. Utterly unaware of the thousands of cleverly hidden cameras watching his every move, for nearly three decades, Truman’s entire existence pivots around the will and the wild imagination of the ruthlessly manipulative television producer, Christof–the all-powerful TV-God of an extreme 24/7 reality show: The Truman Show. As a result, Truman’s picturesque neighborhood with the manicured lawns and uncannily perfect residents is nothing but an elaborate state-of-the-art set, and the only truth he knows is what the worldwide television network and its deep financial interests dictate. Do lab rats know they are forever imprisoned?

As Good as It Gets (1997) IMDb 7,7

New York City. Melvin Udall, a cranky, bigoted, obsessive-compulsive writer, finds his life turned upside down when neighboring gay artist Simon is hospitalized and his dog is entrusted to Melvin. In addition, Carol, the only waitress who will tolerate him, must leave work to care for her sick son, making it impossible for Melvin to eat breakfast.

City Lights (1931) IMDb 8,5

A tramp falls in love with a beautiful blind girl. Her family is in financial trouble. The tramp’s on-and-off friendship with a wealthy man allows him to be the girl’s benefactor and suitor.

Aykut Enişte (2019) IMDb 7,1

After a robbery in his store, cellphone store owner Aykut has to pretend to be the boyfriend of his insurance broker in order to take the insurance money. Although the insurance broker Gulsah thinks her rich and socialite family would hate Aykut, things do not happen the way both she and Aykut expect. Meanwhile, Aykut has to deal with his fiance too.

Dumb and Dumber (1994) IMDb 7,3

Harry and Lloyd are two good friends who happen to be really stupid. The duo set out on a cross country trip from Providence to Aspen, Colorado to return a briefcase full of money to its rightful owner, a beautiful woman named Mary Swanson. After a trip of one mishap after another, the duo eventually make it to Aspen. But the two soon realize that Mary and her briefcase are the least of their problems.

Son Saka (2020) IMDb 6,2

Serdar is a radio programmer and famous for his jokes. One day he made a joke to his girlfriend to aim for his proposal. But the things don’t work as he wants. To reunite them, one of their common friends organizes a holiday for them.

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Agnès Varda’s 5 Most Significant Films

Agnès Varda passed away two years ago today.



Agnès Varda's 5 Most Significant Films

Agnès Varda, a central figure in the French New Wave movement, died exactly two years ago today. We have put together a list of 5 films that you should not miss, famous for the films and documentaries she has introduced to the cinema history Have a nice time.

Cléo de 5 à 7(1962) IMDb 7,9

While waiting for the result of a biopsy, the French singer Cléo, A.K.A. Florence, visits a fortune teller; drinks coffee and buys a new hat with her house-keeper; is visited by her lover and her composers; visits her model friend; and meets and has a brief affair with a military man. Finally, she meets her doctor who gives her his diagnosis.

Sans toit ni loi(1985) IMDb 7,7

In winter in the south of France, a young woman is found frozen in a ditch. She’s unkempt, a vagabond. Through flashbacks and brief interviews, we trace her final weeks as she camps alone or falls in with various men and women, many of whom project their needs onto her or try to give her life direction. She squats in an old house smoking hash with a man, falls for a Tunisian laborer and works beside him pruning grape vines, stays with a couple shepherding goats, meets an agronomist trying to save plane trees, gets tipsy with an old woman, and has an offer to appear in porn films.

Le bonheur (1965) IMDb 7,6

Francois is a young carpenter married with Therese. They have two little children. All goes well, life is beautiful, the sun shines and the birds sing. One day, Francois meets Emilie, they fall in love and become lovers. He still loves his wife and wants to share his new greater happiness with her.

La Pointe-Courte (1955) IMDb 7,1

There are two parts to this film: sequences of life in the fishing village of La Pointe Courte (a government inspector’s visit, the death of a child) alternate with others following a couple – He is from La Pointe Courte, she is Parisian – coming to terms with their changing relationship.

Visages Villages (2017) IMDb 7,9

Agnes Varda, one of the leading lights of France’s honored French New Wave cinema era, and professional photographer and muralist, J.R., partake on a special art project.

Together, they travel around France in a special box truck equipped with a portable photo booth and traveling printing facility as they take photographs of people around the country. With that inspiration, they also create special colossal mural pictures of individuals, communities and places they want to honor and celebrate. Along the way, the old cinematic veteran and the young artistic idealist enjoy an odd friendship as they chat and explore their views on the world as only they can.

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Quentin Tarantino’s 10 Favorite Horror Movies

Tarantino’s list of horror movies.



Here are Quentin Tarantino‘s 10 favorite horror movies, as directed by the fearless director of bloody violence scenes. Have a good time.

Wicked, Wicked (1973) IMDb 5,5

A tongue-in-cheek psycho movie in “Duo-vision.” The entire feature employs the split-screen technique used in parts of Brian De Palma’s “Sisters” that same year. As a handyman at a seacoast hotel, Randolph Roberts wears a monster mask while he kills and dismembers women with blond hair. Tiffany Bolling is a singer, Scott Brady is a detective and Edd “Kookie” Burns is a lifeguard.

Santa Sangre (1989) IMDb 7,6

A young man, starving, nearly catatonic and barely responsive, is confined in a sanitarium. He is taken on a field trip along with other residents to the city’s red-light district. There, he encounters by chance a woman from his past, triggering a series of flashbacks. We see that he was traumatized as a child when he and his family were circus performers, and when he witnessed a murder/suicide: his father, an American expatriate living in Mexico under suspicious circumstances, cuts off the arms of his beloved mother, a possessive wife and religious fanatic who led a heretical church called “Santa Sangre (Holy Blood),” the members of which worshipped a martyred girl whose arms were severed by her father following her rape and then commit suicide. Back in the present, buttressed by the shock of his remembrance, he escapes the sanitarium and, in a series of hallucinations and dream-fulfillments, believes he has rejoined his armless mother. He “becomes her arms” and the “two” undertake a grisly campaign of murder and revenge. Santa Sangre is absolutely for you If you are addicted to horror movies.

La Piel Que Habito (2011) IMDb 7,6

In honor of his late wife who died in a flaming car accident, scientist, Dr. Robert Ledgard, is trying to synthesize the perfect skin which can withstand burns, cuts, or any other kind of damage.

As he gets closer to perfecting this skin on his flawless patient, the scientific community starts growing skeptical and his past is revealed that shows how his patient is closely linked to tragic events he would like to forget.

Mad Love (1935) IMDb 7,3

The high-school student Matt Leland lives with his twin brother and sister and his father in a house by the lake. When the teenager Casey Roberts moves to the house on the other side of the lake, Matt snoops into her room with his telescope. They meet each other and soon they fall in love with each other. One day, Matt is taking a test at school and Casey activates the fire alarm to stop the test. She is suspended and her father decides to check her into a psychiatric institution. However, Matt breaks her out of the hospital. They travel in Matt’s car and have lots of fun until the day Matt discovers that Casey has bipolar disorder with periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. When she tries to commit suicide, Matt realizes that she needs specialized help.

The War of the Gargantuas (1966) IMDb 6,3

An experimental lab animal called a Gargantua escapes from his captors and is suspected to be the creature that is killing people all over the countryside. But when the Gargantua from the lab appears at the same time as the evil Gargantua, the two begin to battle across Japan.

Black Sabbath (1963) IMDb 7,1

Black Sabbath, one of the most horrific movies all the time focus on, a trio of atmospheric horror tales about: A woman terrorized in her apartment by phone calls from an escaped prisoner from her past; a Russian count in the early 1800s who stumbles upon a family in the countryside trying to destroy a particularly vicious line of vampires; and a 1900-era nurse who makes a fateful decision while preparing the corpse of one of her patients – an elderly medium who died during a seance.

Audition (2000) IMDb 7,2

A lonely Japanese widower whose son is planning to move out of the house soon expresses his sadness to a friend and fellow film producer, who becomes inspired to hold an audition for a non-existent film so that the widower can select a new potential bride from the resulting audition pool. The widower ultimately becomes enamored with and fascinated by one particular young woman…but first impressions can often be horribly wrong…

My Bloody Valentine (2009) IMDb 5,4

Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of Valentine’s night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame is the only one that believes he’s innocent.

Slaughter Hotel (1971) IMDb 5,1

In a psychiatric clinic for rich women, dies murdered, one after another, a nurse and two patients, while an arrow hit another woman. The guilty is a masked man. The police decide to set up a trap, but the line of murdering isn’t still over.

Crawl (2019) IMDb 6,2

Against all logic, the competitive swimmer, Haley, drives into the mouth of a furiously destructive Category 5 hurricane on a collision course with her hometown of Florida, to check in on her estranged father, Dave. There, in their weather-beaten house amid a rapidly sinking and alligator-infested town, Haley and her father find themselves trapped in the labyrinthine mess of their flooded crawl space, where a merciless pair of six-metre predators is silently stalking them. Now–as Haley and Dave are gasping for air in the claustrophobic basement–only their will to survive can help them stand a chance against the scaly adversaries’ powerful jaws. Can they escape without getting eaten alive?

Here is 10 horror movies that recommended by Quentin Tarantino.

Source: Taste Of Cinema

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