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The Letter Francis Ford Coppola Sent to John Lennon Revealed

A invitation from the genius director to John Lennon.



Francis Coppola’s letter to John Lennon, a member of The Beatles band, that he wanted to work together on Apocalypse Now, was revealed.

Francis Coppola‘s letter to John Lennon, one of the members of The Beatles group, was published during the preparations of 1979’s Apocalypse Now.

The letter, written in March 1977, includes statements that Coppola wanted to work with Lennon on the film.

Coppola, who lived near a volcano in the Philippines during the post-production of Apocalypse Now, which is about an epic war film, invites John Lennon to dinner.

Unfortunately, Lennon rejects this offer, despite the efforts of Francis Coppola. In the letter Lennon wrote in response to the master director, it is seen that the two came together but could not work together on the project due to the incompatibility of their work schedules.

Here is the letter of Coppola:

Response of John Lennon:

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Award-Winning Documentary Overseas Hit Kundurama

It can be watched for free with English subtitles.




Sung-a Yoon’s award-winning documentary “Overseas” is available for free streaming on Kundurama, Kundura Cinema’s streaming platform.

This week, Kundurama, Kundura Cinema‘s streaming website, is airing the award-winning documentary “Overseas” by South Korean director and artist Sung-a Yoon. The film shows what occurred in a facility where Filipino women who have been forced into nomadic domestic labor overseas are ‘educated to be maids.’ To do so, they often abandon their own children before embarking on this wild ride. Several candidates train for homesickness and possible violations in a learning center devoted to domestic work. In role-playing exercises, they take on the roles of both the worker and the boss.

Starting from the Locarno Film Festival, where it premiered, the “Overseas” was shown in the programs of the world’s leading documentary film festivals such as CPH: DOX, BFI London, Busan, IDFA and selected as Best Documentary Film at Warsaw, Hamptons Film Festivals. Overseas brings to light the issue of domestic slavery in our globalized world while stressing those women’s resilience, sisterhood, and the solutions they devise to face the challenges that lie ahead for them in the near future.

The film, which will be screen in its original language, will be free to watch with English subtitles at Kundurama until May 16.

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Mark Cousins Spoke to Altyazı Magazine and Kundura Cinema

Women Make Film is available on Kundurama.



Women Make Film

The screening of Mark Cousins’ documentary “Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema” on Kundurama, Kundura Cinema’s digital streaming platform, has been extended until April 30th.

Mark Cousins, known for the documentary “The Story of Film An Odyssey“, cinema director and writer spoke Kundura Cinema and answered the questions of Aslı Ildır from Altyazı magazine.

Cousins told the story of this insane project, in which he pulled together pieces from nearly 200 women’s films by watching thousands of films, in an online conversation, and said he preferred to tell women filmmakers as creative and imaginative individuals, rather than as victims of the film industry.

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema,” winner of the Innovative Storytelling Award at the 2020 European Film Awards, takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey led by the actress’ from all over the world, including Jane Fonda, Adjoa Andoh, Sharmila Tagore, Kerry Fox, Thandie Newton, Debra Winger, and co-producer Tilda Swinton. The documentary centers on the films of female directors also lists the 40 golden rules of producing a “successful movie.”

You can watch the first of the q/a series of Kundura Cinema and Altyazı Magazine Conversations on KunduraBlog and Women Make Film in Kundurama for free.

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Dreamy Movies in Kundura Cinema Selection

Movies can be seen for free.



Kundura Cinema

“The Other Side of the Dream”, the new selection of Kundurama, the streaming platform of “Kundura Cinema”, is available today.

Kundurama‘s latest selection, The Other Side of the Dream, is now available on Kundura Cinema‘s digital platform (April 16). In the selection, which Kundura Cinema and New York-based independent and experimental film platform Kinoscope worked on it, you can watch three films that will hypnotize with their visual and auditory worlds.

In the selection, curated by the founder of Kinoscope and cinema writer Pawel Wieszczecinski, the British artist, director duo Daniel & Clara‘s 2019 documentary “Notes From A Journey” will be available.

Also in the “The Other Side of the Dream” selection; The award-winning short “Afternoon Clouds” (2017) and “And What Is The Summer Saying” (2018) by Indian Payal Kapadia, whom Berlin and Cannes festivals pointed out as one of the future directors and supported with its programmes, will also be available.

The Other Side of the Dream, a collaboration between Kundura Cinema and Kinescope, will be available on Kundurama between April 16 and July 19, with the option of Turkish subtitles, and will be available for free with a limited quota.

Film selections of Kundura Cinema, which continues its screenings online under global pandemic conditions, will be updated with new movies and themes every month and continue on Kundurama.

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