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Amazon Studios Acquired U.S. Rights to Asghar Farhadi’s ‘A Hero’

The production is also complete.



A Hero

Amazon Studios has acquired the US rights to Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s highly awaited new film “A Hero.”

Amazon Studios has acquired the U.S. rights to the new Asghar Farhadi film “A Hero,” which was filmed in Iran. The film, which expects to win numerous awards during the festival season of 2022, may be one of the Cannes Film Festival’s competition films.

The film’s script, which is in Persian, is still a big secret. Memento Films International provided the only detail about the script. The film, according to the studio, is about modern society’s current problems.

A Hero, produced by Farhadi and Alexandre Mallet-Guy, stars Amir Jadidi, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Fereshteh Sadr-Orafai, and Sarina Farhadi.

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Edward Norton Joins the Cast of `Knives Out 2`

The cast of the film is growing.



Edward Norton

Edward Norton has joined the cast of Knives Out 2, the sequel to the Knives Out.

Knives Out 2, the sequel to Knives Out, which grossed $ 311.4 million worldwide with its first film, adds Edward Norton to its cast. The film, which received rave reviews from both audiences and critics, adds Edward Norton to the cast. Rian Johnson will direct the sequel, in which Daniel Craig will appear as detective Benoit Blanc again.

Last month, Netflix paid $ 450 million for the rights to the film, which will begin production in Greece this summer. It is among the claims that Dave Bautista will appear as a new character in the sequel, for which no further details have been released.

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No Golden Globe Award Ceremony to Be Aired as a Result of Scarlett Johansson’s Critisism

Criticism is on the rise!



Golden Globe

Scarlett Johansson, the actress, urged the film industry on Saturday to “step back” from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as criticism of the shadowy film industry community, which oversees the prestigious Golden Globe awards, grew. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which organizes the Golden Globe Awards, is expected to release a statement.

Scarlett Johansson‘s campaign against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HPFA), which distributes the Golden Globe Awards because there are no black members of them, is becoming a widespread criticism. Another NBC outcry occurred after Tom Cruise refused to accept three Golden Globe awards for his films “Born on the Fourth of July”, “Jerry Maguire”, and “Magnolia”.

As support grew following actor Scarlett Johansson‘s call to resign, NBC issued a new statement that would shake the coalition. The Golden Globes will not be shown on NBC next year, putting an end to a decades-long partnership between the network and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the nonprofit behind the awards.

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News of the Day

Reflection To Make Its World Premiere

Directed by İlker Savaşkurt.




Akis (Reflection), İlker Savaşkurt’s second feature film after his first award-winning film Damat Kogusu (Groom’s Block), will have its world premiere on Friday, May 7 at the 16th Harlem International Film Festival in New York.

After making a name for himself with his first film, Groom’s Block, which received numerous awards, llker Savaşkurt‘s second feature film “Akis” (Reflection) will premiere at the Harlem Film Festival 16. between May 6-9, 2021. Savaşkurt‘s new movie Akis will make its world premiere at the World Cinema section of the festival on Friday, May 7. He won the “Best Foreign Film” award from the same festival in 2017 with his first film, Until May 10, the film can be watched online at the festival’s website.

In Akis, adapted by Savaşkurt from a play written by Mehmet Kala in 2012 and written by Kala again, European actors take part, along with Selçuk Yöntem, Taro Emir Tekin, Yasemin Szawlowski, Ali Süreyya Tuncer, İbrahim Aköz, and Elit Andaç.

Akis, an English-language film in which characters from various nations meet at a hotel representing humanity and has a universal style and theme despite being set in Turkey, creates a passage from the local to the universal with its plot. A quirky receptionist in a hotel in Istanbul welcomes guests as they stumble upon their daily struggles, all to end up in a mix of chaos and dread after the arrival of a mysterious man who declares that he is their patron Saint.

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