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“12 Punto TRT Script Days” To Start Soon

The “12 Punto TRT Script Days,” which TRT will organize for the third time this year, is about to start.



The “12 Punto TRT Scenario Days,” which TRT will organize for the third time this year, will take place on three different platforms between June 22 and 29, with participation from nine different nations. “12 Punto TRT Script Days” will make a huge effect in the world arena with the participation of prominent names in the cinema industry, online masterclass’, special shows to be broadcast on TRT 2 and events to be placed in Istanbul Feriye.

12 Punto TRT Script Days” brings a fresh viewpoint to the film industry by supporting filmmakers at the scenario stage, contributing to the development of their films, opening up space for them at festivals, and facilitating international co-producer meetings. This year, Turkey’s largest script development and co-production platform, 12 Punto, will bring together master names, project owners, and audiences on a single platform.

The Most Prominent Names are in 12 Punto!

This year’s event, which will be organized with social distance restrictions in consideration, will bring together film professionals from all over the world. 12 Punto will bring together filmmakers from Turkey, England, France, Germany, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Australia, and the United States. The proprietors of the 12 feature film projects that went to the finals of 12 Punto this year will take part in workshops with experienced names in the sectors of scenario, marketing, and promotion. Within the framework of 12 Punto this year, 12 short film scriptwriters will also have the opportunity to improve their scripts with their screenplay advisors.

12 Punto TRT Script Days feature events attended by renowned personalities in the Turkish and international film industries, as well as engaging content for both professionals and young people just starting out.

Jury members will announce the winners.

On 28 June, the project owners will present their projects to a 5-person jury consisting of the managers of the most important institutions of the international film industry. TRT Co-Production Awards will be given to four projects out of the 12 finalists, whileTRT Pre-Buy Awards will be given to four projects. This year’s TRT International Co-Production Award winners will be announced during the 12 Punto TRT Script Days Award Ceremony. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony to be held on the evening of 29 June.

All in-person events are on Feriye!

Panels and presentations with the directors of the world’s most important institutions of the film industry will be held at Feriye Cinema in Beşiktaş as part of the 12 Punto TRT Script Days. Along with screenings of TRT Co-produced and award-winning international films, masterclasses with the directors and producers of these films will be held. Visitors will be allowed to attend events based on their social distance.

In the next few days, details on directing, producing, co-productions, film marketplaces, award ceremonies that affect the cinema business, and film finance events will be announced on

Every evening from June 22 to 29,

TRT 2 will air “12 Punto Exclusive” at 19.00. The event will include interviews with the 12 Punto finalists, updates on the event, and interviews with award-winning Turkish film directors and producers. The “12 Punto Award Ceremony,” which will take place on June 29th, will be broadcast live on TRT 2.

The legends of cinema were in 12 Punto

European Film Academy Chairman Mike Downey, Cannes Cinefondation General Manager Georges Goldenstern, Doha Film Institute CEO Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Films Boutique Director Gabor Greiner, and Sarajevo Film Festival Industry President Jovan Marjanovic were among the international jury members at last year’s event. Oscar President John Bailey presided over the international jury of 12 Punto, which was held for the first time in 2019.

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“12 Punto TRT Script Days” Kicks Off Tomorrow

The events will take place at Istanbul Feriye Cinema.



The 3rd edition of “12 Punto TRT Script Days” will take place between June 22 and 29, with the participation of the world’s best filmmakers.

This year, 12 Punto, a film school for anybody interested in cinema, will contribute to Turkish cinema by bringing together masters. Panels, masterclasses, Q&As, and screenings will be held in 12 Punto, which will also be attended by notable figures from throughout the world.

The event schedule for the “12 Punto TRT Script Days,” which everyone engaged in cinema is looking forward to, has been announced. International events and meetings will take place online during the “12 Punto TRT Scenario Days,” which will take place this year on three distinct platforms. Also, these online events are going to be held in Istanbul Feriye Cinema in accordance with social distance.

Live and exclusive shows on TRT 2

TRT 2 will entice moviegoers to the screen with live shows every evening, notably during the “12 Punto TRT Script Days” from June 22 to 29. The “What’s Goes On in 12 Punto?” and “Tomorrow on 12 Punto” shows will provide information on the event beginning at 19.00. Behind-the-scenes documentaries of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, each of which is a directing lesson, will be aired at the “12 Punto Movie Time.” TRT 2 will air the three-part “Voyage of the Wild Pear,” which features behind-the-scenes from the film Wild Pear Tree, and “A Long Cold Winter,” which features behind-the-scenes footage from the film Winter Sleep. “12 Punto Movie Time” will air TRT Co-produced films ‘Honeyland‘, ‘Trap‘, and ‘Focus, Grandma‘.

The program, which will also include exclusive interviews and masterclasses every evening, will end on Tuesday, June 29 with the closing event.

The panel and masterclass program to be held with the participation of the world’s leading filmmakers is as follows;

Tuesday, June 22

Panel: The Role of Sales Agents in the Film Industry

Speakers: Sata Cissokho (Head pf Acquisitions), Zeynep Atakan (Producer)

Venue: Cinema Feriye

Time: 11.00

Masterclass: How to Make a Ken Loach Film?

Speaker: Rebecca O’Brien (Producer of Ken Loach Films)

Venue: Cinema Feriye


Screening: I, Daniel Blake (Dir: Ken Loach)

Venue: Cinema Feriye

Time: 18.30

Wednesday, June 23

Panel: Breaking the Path: How Did I Make My First Film?

Speakers: Müge Özen (Producer), Hilal Çelenk (Scriptwriter), Orçun Köksal (Director), Bekir Bülbül (Director)

Venue: Cinema Feriye

Time: 14.00

Thursday, June 24

Masterclass: International Co-productions and Co-production Markets

Speaker: Martina Bleis (Head of Berlinale Co-production Market)

Venue: Cinema Feriye

Time: 14.00

Masterclass: Roadmap to Co-production

Speakers: Lise Lense-Møller (Head of Studies,EAVE), Sezgi Üstün San (Producer)

Venue: Cinema Feriye

Time: 17.00

Friday, June 25

Screening and Q&A: Honeyland

With Participation of: Tamara Kotevska (Director), Ljubomir Stefanov (Director)

Venue: Feriye Bahçesi

Time: 18.30

Saturday, June 26

Masterclass: How Did We Make Honeyland?

Speakers: Tamara Kotevska (Director), Ljubomir Stefanov (Director)

Venue: Cinema Feriye

Time: 16.00

Screening and Q&A: Quo Vadis, Aida?

With Participation of: Jasmila Zbanic (Director), Damir Ibrahimovic (Producer)

Venue: Feriye Bahçesi

Time: 18.30

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Meetings on the Bridge Awards: Full List of Winners

Announced at an online ceremony!



The winners of Meetings on the Bridge Awards, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) as part of the Istanbul Film Festival, and continue to create opportunities for filmmakers to take their first steps with international partners, have been announced. Meetings on the Bridge held online between 2-9 April due to the pandemic.

Presentations of 17 feature films and 4 documentary films and 5 series projects were made at the Meetings on the Bridge, of which Anadolu Efes was the main sponsor. Simultaneously, on April 7-8-9, exclusive online screenings of 5 documentaries and 2 feature films in post-production took place.

The winners of Meetings on the Bridge Awards, supporting the filmmakers to complete their films, announced in workshops organized with the contributions of TRT. The online award ceremony started with the speech of Meetings on the Bridge Manager Gülin Üstün thanking Meetings on the Bridge team, supporters, sponsors, jury and all the guests participating, and with the video messages of the award sponsors.

Work in Progress
  • Selcen Ergun, director of Snow and the Bear, and Nefes Polat, its producer win The Anadolu Efes Award (30.0000 TRY) was given to
  • Senem Tüzen, Noah Amir Arjomand and Adam Isenberg, the director and producers of the documentary film Eat Your Catfish, win The Cine Chromatix Post-Production Award.
  • Burak Çevik, the director of The Pillar of Salt, and its producer, Selman Nacar win The Foley Award.
  • Selcen Ergun, director of the movie Snow and the Bear, and Nefes Polat, its producer win The Fragmanhouse Award.
  • Şafak Şahin, director of the film Within the Shadow of Memories, and its producer Emek Yıldırım Şahin win Baska Cinema Award.
  • Director and producer Morteza Atabaki wins Daire Creative Key Visual Design Award.
Film Development Workshop Awards Announced
  • Director Selman Nacar and producers Burak Çevik and Diloy Gül received the TRT Special Award worth 50,000 TL. (Tereddut Cizgisi)
  • The director Gülten Taranç, and producer Eylem Atakav win Meetings on the Bridge Award worth 30,000 TL. (Salyangozlar)
  • Director Tareq Daoud and the producer Çiğdem Mater win The 8000 Euro CNC Award.(Serife Tavsan)
  • The director Efe Öztezdoğan, and producers Aslıhan Altuğ and Haluk Koçak win The Mattepost Post-Production-Online Award. (Road to Tokyo)
  • The director Kiarash Anvari and the producer Sadaf Foroughi win The Postbıyık Sound Production Award. (Sound Production Award)
  • Sound Dreams of Istanbul project’s director Anıl Eraslan and its producer Kıvılcım Akay win The Melodika Sound Award.
  • Director Nazlı Elif Durlu, and producer Annamaria Aslanoğlu win The Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) Script Workshop Award (Kara Orman)
  • Director Onur Sefer, the producer Tilbe Cana İnan win Seyap Award. (Persembe Gecesi Cok Karanlik)
  • Producer Kaan Ege and director Doğu Akal win Transilvania Pitch Stop Award. (Tussifed)
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Meetings on the Bridge Film Development Workshop Projects Announced

12 fictional and 3 documentary film projects are selected.



12 fictional and 3 documentary film projects are selected to join in the Meetings on the Bridge Film Development Workshop organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) as part of the Istanbul Film Festival.

There has been 84 aplications to the 16th Meetings on the Bridge Film Development Workshop with the supports of TRT. The fiction, documentary and post-production films of “Neighbour Platform” and “Work in Progress” workshops will screen to the international cinema professional on April 7-8-9.

Films selected for Film Development Workshop

  • Anathema ( dir. Yılmaz Özdil, yap. Hewi Çınar )
  • Altın Humması ( dir. Yavuz Gözeller, yap. Hilal Şener)
  • Berna ( dir. Sinan Kesova, yap. Alara Hamamcıoğlu, Arda Çiltepe)
  • Buradayım İyiyim ( dir. Emine Emel Balcı, yap. Dilek Aydın)
  • Geceden Fecre Kadar (dir. Tarık Aktaş, yap. Güneş Şekeroğlu)
  • Istanbul’un Sesli Rüyaları ( dir. Anıl Eraslan, yap. Kıvılcım Akay)
  • Kara Orman ( dir. Nazlı Elif Durlu, yap. Annamaria Aslanoğlu)
  • Nesrin (dir. Selman Nacar, yap. Burak Çevik)
  • Perşembe Gecesi Çok Karanlık (dir. Onur Sefer, yap. Tilbe Cana İnan)
  • Philax ( dir. Ruken Tekeş, yap. Balam Bingül)
  • Road to Tokyo ( dir. Efe Öztezdoğan, yap. Aslıhan Altuğ, Haluk Koçak)
  • Salyangozlar (dir. Gülten Taranç, yap. Serpil Altın)
  • Sanki Her şey Biraz Felaket ( dir. Umut Subaşı, yap. Cemre Erül)
  • Şerife Tavşan ( dirTareq Daoud, yap. Çiğdem Mater)
  • Tussifed ( dir. Doğu Akalyap. Kaan Ege)

Project team will meet the international filmmakers and instuctors in March  to do presentation techniques, marketing and social media. 

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